Mixed Choir of Paks


The choir was founded in 1977 and has been operating as an association since 1996. It’s been a long journey in the last more than 40 years, from being a small-town Workers Choir to becoming a Mixed Choir of Paks.

The fact, that the choir – after 46 years – still exists, is not a coincidence. First of all, the enthusiasm and energy of people, who consider human values, community culture, creation of something beautiful as important values – kept the choir alive. Secondly, the former presidents of the group Béla Harmat, János Rauth, Tibor Vajda played and the current president Márta Nikl plays an important role in it. The supporters play an almost as important role in the choir’s life as its leaders. The main supporters of the choir are „The city of Paks”, Pro Artis Elementary Art School, Dénes Csengey Cultural Centre, MVM Paks Nuclear Power Plant Ltd., Coop Department Store chain, Lavina Ltd. and OTP Bank.

Our community would have had little chance to participate in concerts and competitions without determined  conductors. Fortunately, we always found an ambitious and enthusiastic professional to lead the choir.

János Károly was the conductor of the choir for the longest time. The Workers Choir of Paks was organized by János Karszt. Teachers, former dancers of the folk band, workers of the nuclear power plant were the first members of the choir at that time. János Károly – who was the artistic director of the folk band, and had just graduated as a conductor – was asked to be the conductor of the newly formed choir. Although it started as a temporary (1 year) assignment, it turned into 20 years of devoted work. Erika Újváry who was the assistant conductor and the piano accompanist of the choir also played an important role in the quick success of the choir.

Péter Simon, the director of Pro Artis Elementary Art School was the conductor of the mixed choir between 1997-2007. The choir was awarded Festival Choir Classification for the first time, then gained a silver diploma and received the biggest award in the town, called PRO URBE Prize in 2005.

The choir was conducted by Gábor Cseke for almost 10 years, who had been a member of the choir for 4 years before he became the conductor of the ensemble in 2007. Under his direction, the choir won a Festival Choir Classification for the second time. He conducted the competition in Linz, where the choir was awarded a bronze medal and the team could sing with him at Festivals in Vilnius, Tuscany, and Albania.

From June 2016 Krisztina Ujházy took over the management of the choir and after only three months the group won a bronze medal again at a competition in Rimini. In October 2018 the city of Grado hosted a prestigious international choir competition, where 22 choirs of 16 countries competed. In this competition the choir achieved its highest result to date: IX. level Silver Diploma.

From September 2020 László Babenyecz is the conductor and the artistic director of the choir.

In the last few years, the ensemble has put more and more emphasis on the rejuvenation and renewal of the choir, so in addition to serious, classical pieces, it has also studied more and more modern and contemporary songs. The choir held a movie soundtrack concert for the first time in March 2018, which was a great success in Paks.


Be a member of the choir!

How can you become a member of the choir? First of all: Come to a rehearsal and get to know the team!:)

Place of the rehearsal: Pro Artis Elementary Art School Paks

Address: 7030 Paks, Deák Ferenc utca 9.

Time of the rehearsal: Monday 18:00-20:00 (every week)

Parking: out of the school grounds, in the surrounding streets and parking lots.

Audition: The candidates are auditioned by the conductor before they become a member of the choir. They have to sing a short song. After the audition, the conductor decides whether the candidate is suitable to be a member or not. After the positive decision, the candidate can be admitted to the choir.

Membership fee: Since the mixed choir operates as an association, the members have to pay a membership fee, which is 2000 HUF/month.



Anybody can be a supporter of the choir. Donations can be offered in the following ways.

1. By transferring the money to the choir’s bank account:

Name of the account owner: Paks Városi Vegyes Kar Egyesület

Bank account: 11746012-20016416-00000000 (OTP Bank)

2. By offering 1% of the tax

Tax number: 18855214-1-17




E-mail: paksivegyeskar@gmail.com

Facebook: link

Address: 7030 Paks, Tolnai street 2. Hungary